01. The new student was so nervous that he remained totally [mute] during his entire discussion class.
02. The young deaf girl was [mute] and could only communicate through sign language.
03. Though totally deaf, Marlee Matlin refused to remain [mute] and learned to speak well enough to have an acting career in films and television.
04. The governor's [muted] response to the accusations of corruption have only increased the public's distrust of this government.
05. The child remained [mute] all the time the principal yelled at him.
06. The young boy stood [mutely] in front of the class, too scared to speak.
07. During the phone call from her boss, Janet [muted] the sound on her television so that she could hear his instructions.
08. We planted some hedges in our back yard to [mute] the noise from the street.
09. The soft light of Venice, [muted] and reflected by its waterways, has influenced painters for hundreds of years.
10. Due to his controversial remarks, applause for the speech was [muted].
11. The response to the proposal seemed somewhat [muted], so I'm not sure what they really thought about it.
12. You have to learn to [mute] your criticism of Bob's ideas because he gets upset very easily.
13. The child was born deaf and [mute], but has learned to say a few simple words.
14. Sonya is an extremely shy little girl and remains almost totally [mute] in school, except for a few whispered words to close friends.
15. The government seems determined to remain [mute] about the issue of a tax increase in the last few days leading up to the election.
16. We didn't want to wake anyone up, so we put the television on [mute] and just read the close captions.
17. I couldn't understand why my computer speakers weren't working, but finally discovered that the [mute] function was enabled on the computer.
18. It was peaceful in the forest, although through the trees, we could just hear the [muted] noise of the traffic on the freeway.
19. Vincent Van Gogh's use of intense color became more [muted] during the time he was hospitalized for mental illness.
20. The American and Russian Presidents [muted] their differences during their meeting today, choosing instead to stand together and emphasize the narrowing areas where their nations could agree.
21. Max Weber believed that on questions of value, science must remain [mute].
22. A Turkish proverb suggests that to live in peace one must be blind, deaf, and [mute].

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